The HealthSPA Challenge

Experiencing positive emotions and being able to express and accept empathy is inseparable part of mental and physical health. At HealthSPA we believe that involving innovative technology can take us a long way in advancing health and wellbeing.

We encourage participants of Emotion Hack to think how learning about human emotions could be used for preventing diseases, treating patients and improving their quality of life.

About HealthSPA

HealthSPA is a community of health and wellness startups in Finland, which brings healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs closer together. The goal of HealthSPA is to help Finnish health technology companies to succeed. HealthSPA coordinates the largest health startup event in the Nordics, Upgraded Life Festival (May 31st, Helsinki)


All members of the winning team will get tickets to Upgraded Life Festival (May 31st, Helsinki), the event which showcases the latest innovations from health and wellness startups and gathers all the community for inspiring speeches, networking events and more.


Bogdana Gamburg

Twitter: @HealthSPAfi


Instagram: @HealthSPAfi