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Digital systems are not designed to consider emotions. As a result, the tools we have for expressing our emotions online are severely lacking in quality. This in turn inhibits empathy, the mechanisms that allow people to understand each other, connect and collaborate.

The problem is evident in how discussions online easily become unnecessarily heated, in the growing rate of cyberbullying and in the difficulties that distributed teams have in their cooperation.

What to do?

We need to emotionally enrich the structure of online communication. We need “emotional tweaks” to existing digital interaction platforms. Increased emotional richness would make the Internet an empathy-enabling environment.

Ultimately, we envision that the tweaks that we create can compile an open protocol for emotion transmission that any developer can use in building empathy-enabling solutions.

This would mean ETP, emotion transfer protocol, alongside the current mode of online communication, HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol).

Past events

Emotion Hack Day 2016 – Montreal, Canada & Helsinki, Finland 22-23.4.2016. Emotion Hack Day organised simultaneously in North America and Europe.

Emotion Hack Day 2015 – Helsinki, Finland 28.8-29.8.2015. First ever EHD organised at YLE Iso Paja.


The concept of Emotion Hack Day was created by team NEMO (Natural Emotions in Digital Interaction), a collective of researchers, media professionals, and developers.

We are working to enrich interaction in digital environments by finding new ways of conveying emotional information. Why? To improve human collaboration, decrease misunderstanding, disconnection and loneliness.

The first Emotion Hack Day was organized in August 2015 in Helsinki. In 2016 we had events in Helsinki and Montreal 🙂 The Montreal EHD was locally organized in collaboration with NeuroTechMTL, the Montreal chapter of NeuroTechX. NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build a strong global neurotechnology community by providing key resources and learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and world-wide technology initiatives.

More info here:

A short description of the team’s focus
A 10-min pitch by Katri in the Helsinki Challenge contest
On the morning news (in Finnish)

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We need help from organizations who are interested in the theme and who want to help us make EHD happen around the globe. Becoming a sponsor for EHD will get you visibility to a community of the brightest researchers, developers and other individuals working on new ways to improve the quality of online interaction.

  • Help with fees for venues

  • Help with getting our brilliant hackers some food

  • Give challenges to participants related the theme and/or give prizes to best solution/s

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